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RMA Procedures & Forms

RMA Process

  • Download the CMT RMA Approval Request Form and follow the procedures below.
  • Ensure that all contact information is complete and that you have included detailed information for every piece of equipment you are sending.
  • Provide a proper defective description (“not working” is not an acceptable description).
  • If more than one box, please indicate which box number the equipment is in.  (box 1, box 2, box 3, etc. – courier labels are based on weight and specific box number)
  • Submit the RMA request form to CMT by email to
  • CMT will contact you if additional information is required.
  • Once the RMA is approved, CMT will reply by email. You will also receive a separate email from FedEx with the required prepaid box labels.
  • FedEx labels come from an email address so please check spam folders as needed.
  • Make sure to properly box the items.  (Items damaged in shipping will be billed to the fleet – make sure not to put too many items in one box, make sure that each item is properly protected).
  • Please complete the RMA procedure at least every two to four weeks, even if you only have a few items.
  • Print the approved RMA message and include a copy in each box you are sending to CMT.
  • NGP customers should never use new equipment as service equipment.