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CMT provides technology and services that make taxi operations more efficient, modern and profitable.
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FREEdom Solution

CMT’s FREEdom Solution provides our customers with FREE use of our state-of-the-art equipment, FREE web-based management software and the FREEdom to do what taxi owners do best – operate taxicabs.

FREEDOM Solution features
Credit and Debit Card Functions

Passengers swipe their own cards and have full access to the complete itemized fare. All passenger credit card data is secure, protected and encrypted throughout the authorization process, and for added security, we do not store any passenger confidential credit card information. If passengers are unsure how to use the system, the driver can use the DIU to assist the passenger throughout the entire process. In fact, he can do everything except enter a tip and swipe the card. Plus, all of our installed solutions are configured to accept “swipeless” cards – the future of credit card technology.

Our 1-2-3 credit and debit card processing system gets passengers on their way and drivers onto their next fare quickly and efficiently:

  1. The passenger selects the method of payment.
  2. The passenger enters the desired tip amount, made easier with our tip calculator which provides one-key 20%, 25% and 30% options.
  3. The passenger swipes the card.

Credit and debit cards are more convenient, faster and safer than cash. Drivers can feel safer by carrying less cash and see their tip amounts and passenger volume increase. Drivers don’t need to fumble for change and can receive payment for their credit card fares as fast as the next day.

CMT with our exclusive strategic business partner, Bank of America, offers the most reliable in wireless services resulting in swift and easy transactions at the lowest fees to drivers.

Passenger Trip Maps

The Passenger Information Monitor (PIM) provides the passenger with real-time mapping to track their journey. Passengers can choose to view maps at scales ranging from street level to regional, allowing passenger to view either their surrounding streets or a complete track of their journey. Color-coded icons indicate the starting point, route traveled and current location.

In-Vehicle Media Content

CMT has partnered with leaders in the media and entertainment industry to provide a unique blend of entertainment, news and advertising, via the PIM in the backseat of every FREEdom Solution taxicab. Our high-quality and engaging content is frequently updated and tailored to both the busy New Yorker and the curious tourist and is great for both long and short taxi trips.

Taxi Service Information

The PIM also provides passengers with relevant information about the taxi service in their area, including rates, rules and passenger rights.

Fleet Management and Text Messaging

CMT’s FREEdom solution includes access to FleetNet, CMT’s web portal, which allows vehicle or fleet owners to manage and track their vehicle operations. FleetNet also provides the ability for the regulatory authorities or the fleet manager to send text messages to driver’s in-vehicle terminal. These messages may range from traffic condition reports, lost luggage and emergency alerts, as well as information about fare opportunities. In addition, drivers have the ability to send pre-defined messages to their fleet.