CMT Group | Fleetnet
CMT provides technology and services that make taxi operations more efficient, modern and profitable.
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CMT’s industry leading FleetNet internet based information portal offers lease manager, fleet owners, and owner/drivers a better way to manage your business through the best available software and the most dedicated customer support network in the industry

Fleetnet Offers:

  • Electronic trip sheets for instant access to critical information;
  • Quick ‘n’ easy end-of-shift settlements on lease fees and credit and debit card fare transactions;
  • Real-time display of vehicle status for a clearer and more accurate picture of your fleet business;
  • Productivity and other standard reports that will help you improve your day-to-day operations, and your bottom line.

CMT has designed FleetNet to interface with and to complement existing fleet dispatch and cashiering software packages, and our development and training team will work with you to select the appropriate features for your business. Some users have found that they can use our software as their sole daily operations management tool.