CMT Group | Company Overview
CMT provides technology and services that make taxi operations more efficient, modern and profitable.
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Company Overview

The CMT Group was founded in 2005 when a group of industry leaders (including lease managers, brokers, owner/drivers, lenders and fleet owners) began evaluating what was needed to comply with evolving taxi service enhancement programs in New York City, and make taxi service in general more efficient, modern and profitable.

In response, CMT developed our unique “by the industry, for the industry” FREEdom Solution, designed to save taxi owners thousands in up-front equipment costs and also provide the opportunity to drive new revenues into taxi businesses. The Freedom Solution (integrating both banking and media components) quickly became the US Industry standard, and our new advertising platform attracted our partner ABC Television to provide custom content and media developed specifically for taxi riders nationwide.

Our team of dedicated engineers enables integration with a wide variety of telephone systems, taximeters, wireless network technologies and payment processors to provide the greatest degree of cross-platform compatibility to customers everywhere.

Today, the CMT Group serves transportation verticals in 150+ cities worldwide.