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CMT provides technology and services that make taxi operations more efficient, modern and profitable.
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CMT Media Network

The video screens in the CMT Network are the latest development in the in-taxi video medium. The quality, versatility, interactivity and functionality are unsurpassed! Large 10.4″ screens that present your marketing messages with Sight, Sound and Motion in high definition. All video ads include a companion static banner ad so an advertiser owns the screen with opportunities for extended branding or call-to-action.

CMT In-Taxi Digital Video Network is the most advanced system of its kind. Multiple ad executions and targeting features allow advertisers to engage, impact and connect with the captive viewing audience during the 12-14 minute taxi trip. The high-definition screens facing the passengers are within easy reach of the high quality consumers riding taxis.

The Program ONLY PLAYS when passengers opt to watch the screen, insuring guaranteed impressions. Price is on a “per ad” basis and is capped at the contracted number of ads; any over-delivery is bonus.


Program content is from the ABC local stations and national networks, market specific trivia and fun facts, plus other engaging, relevant video provided by independent sources and advertisers.

CMT Sizzle Reel – 2014

Produced by CMT Productions

  • Premium positions at the start and end of the taxi trip are available.
  • Integrated content and sponsorship opportunities are available.
  • Ads can be scheduled to appear only in specific geographic locations or to play only in fares originating in client-selected locations.
  • Ads can be scheduled to play by time-of-day and/or day of week.
  • Campaigns can be as little as one-day, or selected days throughout the month/week.
  • User-interactive “On Demand” guide provides detailed text information for a variety of Subjects and Topics.
  • Turn-around time can be less than 2 hours from receipt of creative materials.