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CMT Airport Short Haul Program

CMT has partnered with the Port Authority of NY & NJ to introduceĀ a new system for short haul trips.



Thursday, November 1, 2018. at 4:00am


JFK and LaGuardia Airports


Eligibility requirements for the new system are below.


  • All fares that originate from JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport will have short haul data printed on the passenger receipt.
  • To re-enter the line, drivers will have to submit a copy of the receipt (from their TPEP system) to the Port Authority dispatcher as the driver enters the staging lot.
  • Any receipt that has been tampered with (i.e. torn/separated, or is unreadable in part or whole) will not be accepted.
  • Drivers must return to the staging lot within 2 hours of the start of fare
  • The destination of fare must be within approved short haul zones

Sample short haul receipt

Approved short haul zones

(subject to change at the airports’ discretion)

Instructions for generating receipt:

Coming soon