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CMT provides technology and services that make taxi operations more efficient, modern and profitable.
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CMT’s Mobile Knowledge dispatch technology, including GPS enabled Mobile Data Terminals (”MDT”) or tablet driver apps in your vehicles, can be used to achieve fully automated data dispatch where fares and vehicles are matched based upon GPS position and a wide range of other business logic. Data communications between the Office and the Vehicles can be over conventional Private Mobile Radio channels or more commonly, cellular data channels providing unparalleled coverage and reliability.

Benefits of Automated Data Dispatch

  • Increase Driver safety with integrated GPS and panic button functionality
  • Reduce the amount of cash your drivers must carry with optional credit card processing from the vehicle
  • Increase the comfort of Passengers and Drivers with reduced radio chatter
  • Drivers are provided with a real-time view of where the work is and where other vehicles are queued up
  • Fairness of job distribution as the MDT minimizes the direct communications between Drivers and Dispatchers
  • Explicit details of the fare are presented to the driver minimizing confusion and interaction with the Dispatcher
  • Drivers can request turn-by-turn directions without Dispatcher or Calltaker intervention
  • Connection to discrete and smart meters provides greater visibility into the revenues that your Drivers and Vehicles are generating on a day-to-day basis and the availability of a vehicle at any given time
  • Detailed history of every fare including accept time, pick-up time, drop-off time, fare amount, payment type, route taken, etc.

System Overview

The following illustration shows the various system elements and points of connection into the Mobile Knowledge dispatch system:

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