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CMT & Bandwagon Partner to Bring Ride-Sharing to Taxis

CMT Group, one of the largest taxi technology groups in the world, and Bandwagon, the Brooklyn-based smart taxisharing technology and logistics startup, have announced a partnership that will provide taxisharing functionality in New York City taxis via Arro, a free application that lets users order and pay for taxis.

This new partnership between a smart mobility/sharing economy startup and the world’s largest integrated taxi technology company provides Bandwagon users access to a large inventory of taxis, including 8,000 taxis in New York City alone.  The platform integration will occur in two phases: Starting this month, Bandwagon users at NYC airports can link their ride with their taxi’s meter technology and pay taxi drivers directly for the exact metered portion of their shared ride. During the second phase, live by the end of 2016, NYC yellow taxi passengers citywide will have the capability to request shared rides anytime and anywhere, and split trips and fares using both Arro and Bandwagon apps.  This partnership affords a broad-based taxi alternative to ridesharing companies in the NYC market, allowing users of Bandwagon and Arro to split rides and fares equitably in NYC yellow taxis.

“Bandwagon’s full integration with NYC taxi meter technology has been a long-time goal for us–to facilitate truly seamless fare-splitting for our users,” said Bandwagon Founder & CEO, David Mahfouda. “Equally important, with our new partner, CMT Group, taxi drivers will now benefit from the sharing economy: NYC Taxis will be more competitive in the broader ridesharing and carpooling market, and with the completion of Phase two of the integration in Q4, drivers will be rewarded not only by higher fares from longer rides, but with an additional base fare of $2.50, for making two stops on the same ride.  Bandwagon has worked hard to ensure that taxisharing benefits all participants.”

Ron Sherman, Chairman, CEO and Founder of CMT Group, said: “The CMT Group-Bandwagon integration takes the iconic New York City taxi ride to another level by creating a more seamless experience for drivers and passengers alike.  Drivers will be connected to rides more efficiently and have the ability to earn more per ride, while passengers can save on their trip and benefit from back-end technology that calculates fare-splitting for them.  CMT Group is excited to be part of a partnership that will continue to innovate in the taxi space, with citywide taxisharing via Arro available by the end of the year.”

Arro, a free iOS/Android application that lets users order and pay for taxis citywide, received widespread attention last year when The Wall Street Journal declared Arro, then a relative unknown, the winner on arrival times in a side-by-side comparison with Uber.  The New York City-based technology start-up has since become incubated by the privately-held technology group CMT Group.  Arro is available for iOS and Android at

Bandwagon’s priority taxisharing service is currently available at NYC airport taxi lines at LaGuardia’s Terminal B, C, & D and JFK T4 & T5, and will launch at Newark International Airport and New York’s Penn Station in September of this year, allowing users to share taxi trips to the office, meetings, hotels or home and pay a fraction of the metered fare versus single-passenger, while saving CO2 emissions through smart ride consolidation.  Bandwagon, which tracks gasoline saved per gallon and avoided CO2 emissions, as well as net money saved for users, is available for iOS and Android at

How it Works

Phase 1: While standing in NYC airport taxi queues, Bandwagon users register their taxishare request via SMS by texting their destination and party size to Bandwagon; Bandwagon’s proprietary Ridebatch Server then analyzes taxishare request data for complementary itineraries. (Matched itineraries have a 20% cap on route diversion, so passengers are guaranteed not to go far out of their way when sharing a ride.)  Matched passengers receive a text to join the taxishare priority line and meet their partner. Bandwagon agents swipe a credit card from both taxishare parties, tokenizing the card with that ride.  Upon boarding the taxi, either of the taxishare parties enters the taxi’s medallion pairing number into the Bandwagon mobile app via text, linking the ride with their taxi’s meter technology.  Passengers alert the driver that they are making two stops. Each passenger pays the driver directly for the exact time, distance and commensurate split meter fees.  Passengers typically save 25-30% by taxisharing.

Phase 2: By the end of 2016, anytime, anywhere in NYC, especially during periods of peak taxi demand and low supply such as rush hour, inclement weather, shift change, or at crowded venues, taxi passengers will be able to request shared taxis via both the Bandwagon and Arro apps, and split the fare equitably.

About Bandwagon

An industry leader in real-time taxisharing and dynamic route coordination, Bandwagon matches passengers on long taxi lines at airports, transportation hubs, conventions and other large events around the U.S., reducing passenger wait times, costs and emissions through ride consolidation.  In addition to peak travel period service at select terminals at LaGuardia and JFK airports, Bandwagon will launch service at Newark International Airport and New York’s Penn Station in September 2016.  Bandwagon raises curbside customer service for among the world’s largest conventions at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Chicago’s McCormick Place, and The Jacob Javits Center.  Current corporate partnerships include CMT Group, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Transdev, SuperShuttle, JetBlue and SF Travel. Bandwagon is a tenant of NYU ACRE’s Urban Future Lab(UFL),, in downtown Brooklyn, New York City’s hub for smart cities, smart grid and clean

About CMT Group

CMT Group currently serves transportation verticals in 170 cities worldwide, with equipment deployed in over 50,000 taxis across the globe, including more than 8,000 units in New York City alone.  Founded in New York City in 2005 by taxi industry leaders, CMT Group provides a full suite of taxi technologies and enhancements, including card payment processing, e-hailing, media and advertising content, text messaging, interactive passenger maps, GPS, electronic trip sheets, and back-office fleet management systems.  Arro, an app available on Android and iOS that lets users order taxis across the largest United States markets (including New York City, Chicago and Boston), is a New York City-based technology start-up that is incubated by CMT Group and is able to send trip requests of passengers directly to drivers through the equipment already in

Media Contacts:

Bandwagon: Sarah Bacon, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Communications, Bandwagon 718-755-3618 /

CMT Group: Karen Imas, Managing Director, Connelly McLaughlin & Woloz, 212-437-7373 /

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